The Right Residential Fencing for Your Home

Do you want to have the right fence for your home?Quality Residential Fencing Service Racine, WI If you do, we at Bella Fencing can help you with that. For over 20 years, we have installed and repaired different types of fences. We use high-quality materials and equipment for our services. This is so that our clients in Racine, WI receive quality fencing services that meet their needs. Here are some residential fencing types to consider:

  • Wood Fencing – For a traditional theme, you can never go wrong with wooden fences. They can provide a combination of security and beauty, depending on your design. We can be of service when it comes to wooden fencing. We have the expertise to select the right wood for your budget. We can also help plan, cut, and install them based on your preferred size and style.
  • Vinyl Fencing – Fences made of vinyl are more durable and flexible than wood. They are maintenance-free and resistant to most stains, although they do have a high installation cost. For that, you should hire professionals like us. We make sure to provide an affordable installation for your cost-effective vinyl fencing.
  • Chain Link Fencing – An inexpensive way to secure your home perimeter is through chain link fencing. Although lacking in appeal and privacy, they are durable and need little maintenance. Even so, you can add some objects like flowers or vines for aesthetics, as well as for cover. You can seek us for safe, efficient chain link fence installation and repairs.
  • Wrought Iron Fencing – If you want something exquisite for your property, wrought iron fencing might be for you. This type of fencing can be custom-made towards enhancing curb appeal, although it will need regular repainting to maintain its beauty. By hiring us, we provide customized installation and constant upkeep for you.

These are some residential fencing types that we at Bella Fencing can do. As a fence contractor, we can also handle specific projects using other materials. Since 2014, we have provided quality fencing for different residential properties in Racine, WI. Dial (262) 822-9550 right now to schedule your desired fencing service.