Expectations on Our Dependable Fence Repair

Does your fence need major repairs? Do youFence Repair Service Racine, WI have the tools and time to fix it yourself? If your fence need fixing and you can’t do it on your own, you can hire us at Bella Fencing for reliable fence repair. Established in 2014, our fence company has repaired countless fences across Racine, WI. Our professional team has the tools and expertise to do efficient repairs. If you choose to let us do this task for you, listed below are just few of the services you can expect from us.

1. General Repairs

Before the repair project, we make sure to check local regulations and restrictions. This is to ensure that the fencing will not be a neighborhood problem. We perform precise measurements in our repairs for the right level and alignment. The usual places where we begin the repairs are the corners, supports, and braces. Fixing these first will hold the weight of the fence, making it more efficient to repair the other parts.

2. Painting and Staining

Stains and some paints can protect your fences from the destructive elements. When we paint or stain fences, we first remove the old layer of paint from it. Then, we work on the fence to have a paintable surface. We wash and sand most fence types, while others may need cleansers. We make sure to perform a seamless application that matches your fencing theme. We do so without damaging the surrounding landscape.

3. Replacement

Some serious fence damages may need new panels and/or parts. For that, we make sure to do fence replacement in a methodical fashion. Using the right equipment, we exercise great care when removing damaged fence sections. Once done, we will proceed to the installation of the necessary replacements. With our skills and attention to detail, you can expect your fences to be restored like brand new.

You can depend on us at Bella Fencing for your fence repair needs. We have over 20 years of professional experience restoring fences to good condition. Our company has a reputation in Racine, WI for safe, efficient fencing services. Call us today at (262) 822-9550 to schedule your repairs or inquire about our other services.